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Maureen Smith, Promoter, Publisher, Music Industry Management Consult, Producer, Certified  Coach, Q. Mediator, Founder, CEO,

White Eagle Promotions, White Eagle Records Limited

Maureen as a Music Promoter, Business Entrepreneur, Music Industry & Marketing Consultant, Pianist/ Vocalist, Recording Artist, Songwriter, Band Conductor, Music Educator, Publisher and Producer is multi-talented with over 30 years experience, and 40 years as a musician, provides consulting, resources, inspiration, and coaching for developing your music career, marketing and business plans. She is available for telephone consulting, in person coaching, and email support on the following topics:

Project Consultation, Strategic Marketing, Reviews of Cd/Demos, Distribution, Manufacturing, Marketing Plans Business Set Up, Music Contracts, Funding, Website Marketing, Newsletter and Email Marketing, Radio Promotion, Publishing, Producing, Getting Gigs , Recording, Making Money in Performing, Performance Anxiety , Vocal Coaching, Music Resources, Musician Injuries,Resources/Alternative Health

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Billboard Music Nominee - " Top 100 Women in the Music Business"

Award Winning Entrepreneur

LUX LIFE MAGAZINE –                                                                   

Global Hospitality Awards, England, UK

Maureen E. Smith, founder of  Women’s Millionaire was recently awarded the title of 

  Most Motivational Female Entrepreneurial Events Speaker – Toronto “

for the 2019 Global Hospitality Awards, hosted by LUX Life magazine in Staffordshire, England, UK, October, 2019.


Maureen E. Smith was recently nominated in 2016 in the issue of Elite Women as” One of the top 100 women in the Real Estate industry in Canada “by Real Estate Professional Magazine. She was additionally featured with a Cover Story on her music.

" One of the top 100 women in the Real Estate industry in Canada "