1. Major NYC based Fashion Designer is seeking several original music tracks for their shows online launch. Music should have a cinematic flare with orchestrated and/or electronic elements. Also some tracks need to have an exotic Middle Eastern feel to them as well.
  2. Major Fashion Company looking for background music to be used during an interview with basketball star LeBron James. Company is looking for 3-6 songs for 3 short segments all with LeBron. Music should have an edgy hip-hop vibe, but still feel smooth, elegant and polished enough to go with this high-end fashion brand
  3. Fashion Company looking for several background tracks to be played in an upcoming online video taking you behind the scenes of a major fashion show. The suggested music styles: Experimental Hip hop, downtempo/chill and avante-garde/ambient.
  4. Polo Ralph Lauren has requested tracks for their runway fashion show at Fashion Week in New York. Tracks should be clean, cool, classy lounge, female vocals preferred (instrumentals ok).
  5. High-end fashion designer looking for an orchestral music track for an upcoming promotional campaign. Music should be light and not too heavy or sad.
  6. London based fashion designer seeking a track , classic rock sound for an online promotional campaign .Music example provided “Gypsy” by Fleetwood Mac.



  1. (MTV Series) Show centers around dark magic tricks from magicians of The Magic Castle in L.A. Dark, ambient, electronic beats and drones – Like NIN or Biosphere.
  2. (MTV Series) Show follows 2 motorcross racer brothers on their trips across the globe. Driving Rock and also tense, pulsating, techno beats.
  3. (Indie Film) Architect moves into haunted house in Virginia. 1. Moody Jazz 2. Blues that might imply Southern location 3. Any songs dealing with ‘Moving in” 4. Dark, ambient, electronica – No MP3’s please.
  4. (Indie Feature) NY photographer hunts serial killer (Based on Clive Barker short story). 1. Radio Rock 2. Alt. College Rock – Would like an indie label to have a band write specifically for the film and then cross-promote – No MP3’s please.
  5. (Indie Film) (Comedy) Comedic look at the human body as body parts go to court to prove who is boss. R&B and Hip Hop-Pop Crossover – Lyrics must be appropriate for PG-13 rating – No MP3’s please.
  6. (Indie Film) (Drama/Thriller) Dark tense film- Disfunctional family w/added mystery of those close to them disappearing. Needs both someone to score the film and song submissions – 1. Score needs to be ambient, subliminal, not orchestral. 2. Songs can be Alt. Rock or Folksy Acoustic Pop – Especially with a dark feel – No MP3’s please.
  7. (Indie Film) (Drama) Four woman, four dreams, four realities. 1. Indie Rock 2. Acoustic Rock – Especially from a female point of view – Office is ‘in transition’ so MP3’s preferred.
  8. (Indie Film) (Drama) Set in 1980’s, father fresh out of prison takes son to rural southern town and faces hatred} Needs 80’s ‘Classic Rock’ and ‘Southern Rock’ sounding material – like AC DC, Van Halen, Lynyrd Skynyrd. MP3’s and Links OK.
  9. (Indie Feature) (Action/Comedy) Set in Texas, 2 jewel thieves, unaware of each other, are sent to the same house. Crime drama becomes Spaghetti Western – 1. West-Texas Swing 2. Texas Country & Country Rock – MP3’s and links OK.
  10. (Indie Feature) (Family/Country) ‘Home Alone’ in the woods where Boy rescues dog from mumbling thieves. 1. Any ‘fun’ family music 2. Music appropiate for silly chase scenes – No MP3’s please.
  11. (Feature Film) Solo and duet material needed for female Soul icon and new female Universal recording artist, both appearing in the film. Inspirational, upbeat, get-on-your-feet music.
  12. (Indie Film) (Comedy/Drama) Looking for West coast Hip-Hop, Alt Rock love songs and contemporary Mexican Music.
  13. (Indie Film) (Horror) Looking for Southern Rock and Slide guitar.
  14. (Indie Film) (Horror) Vampire role playing game attracts a real vampire. Looking for Rock, Hard Rock, Goth Rock, and Dark Pulsating or High Energy Action music.
  15. (Indie Feature) (Dark Comedy) two foul-mouthed Easter Bunnies lose their job and fail at everything else. Looking for Indie Rock, Rock Ballads and music with a sense of humor.
  16. (Indie Feature) (Comedy) Based in the late 70’s, early 80’s requires New Wave and Classic Rock.
  17. (Indie Film) (Drama) love story needs a haunting love song as the main theme song-something dealing with love or spirits, time travel or lost love.
  18. (Video Game) Strong guitar driven game requires heavy guitar rock or alternative rock with strong guitar.
  19. (Feature Film) Upbeat music is needed immediately for an Action/Comedy, the music should be fun. Indies welcome.
  20. (Feature Film) Music needed immediately for a major feature Action film. Looking for upbeat, fast music for the action scenes. MP3’s are okay.
  21. (Feature Film) (Western) Music is needed for a Western production. Looking for Country, Latin and/or Instrumental.
  22. (Indie Feature) (Drama) Need an array of music for a bar scene, Isolated mountain bar is closing when blizzard strands a group of patrons for the night. Looking for assorted music for the Juke box: Country, Rock, Romantic Ballads. Indies welcome.
  23. (Indie Feature) (Drama/Action/Romance) Looking for slow, fast and fun love songs. Instrumental, Ambient, Jazz and possibly a romantic Greek love song as well. Also some fun/upbeat pop tracks for the Action scenes.
  24. (Indie Feature) (Drama) Timely true story about a ‘whistle blower’ in the medical field. Recognizable stars TBA. Interested in hearing dramatic music about health, medicine, fighting sickness, emotional strain, ect. NO MP3’s please.
  25. (Indie Film) (Horror/Thriller) Horrific murders of psychiatrists, attorneys and detectives take place with rock stars as suspects. Looking for Rock and Hard Rock music, on a minimal budget, MP3’s OK.
  26. (Indie Feature) (Drama) Angry young man learns lessons working in nursing home. Need climactic song about learning from life to replace “Learning To Fly” by Tom Petty. Needed ASAP, No MP3’s please.
  27. (VH1 Film) Street oriented story based in Baltimore. Looking for Hip Hop Tracks, Beats and Rap.
  28. (Indie Film) (Thriller) Police chief is secretly killing prostitutes, set in Cuba and Miami. Looking for Latin, Rap Hip Hop, Miami Club Dance.
  29. (Indie Feature) (Action/Drama) Rich girl & 3 kids from the wrong side of town pull a jewel heist gone bad. Looking for Teen Pop, Love triangle songs, Songs dealing with jewelry or robbery.



Most Recent:  November

We are currently placing ARTIST MUSIC VIDEOS with a large TV Network in California for Mobile and Television broadcast. This is an amazing licensing opportunity for getting your VIDEO placed in rotation and exposure for your music!

  1. Ad Agency seeking music for a promotional campaign advertising a new vitamin infused water company. Music submissions should be pop/rock with an uplifting positive feel. Music examples provided Coldplay, Oasis, The Verve etc..
  2. London based Liquor Company seeking electronic tracks for a new web campaign promoting one of its high-end Vodka brands. Tracks should have a chill out lounge sound, lyrics are ok if they are sparse.
  3. Agency seeking a current sounding pop track for a commercial campaign advertising a chain of sportswear stores. The track should be upbeat and catchy, some Music examples provided are Justin Timberlake, Nelly Furtado etc.
  4. Chicago based ad agency seeking a mid-tempo acoustic rock/folk track for a commercial campaign advertising an established coffee chain. The commercial highlights the warm and comfortable atmosphere and the high quality organic coffee.
  5. Agency looking for an instrumental piano jazz track (possibly with muted trumpet) for a Manhattan real estate company. The theme behind the campaign is “Live Bigger”. Music examples provided Diana Krall and Bobby Short.
  6. Independent producer with major label credits is organizing a project for early 2007. Project involves a well known female artist that is doing a concept album of male/female duets. Will consider some uptempo female tunes as well as some great ballads. Songs should be on the country/pop to jazzy side.
  7. Agency seeking a classic rock track for an upscale home decor company. Music needs to have the authentic sound of a classic 70s band such as Blue Oyster Cult or artist such as Carly Simon.
  8. Ad Agency looking for an electro-indie pop music track for a luxury auto commercial to be released in early 2007. Instrumental and/or vocals okay. Words used to describe feel of track: light, tranquil, positive. Music references provided: Frou Frou, Zero 7.
  9. Ad Agency looking for dance/pop track to be used in a Public Service Announcement for Media Awareness. Instrumental or vocals ok.
  10. Ad Agency seeking adult contemporary music tracks for a campaign advertising a health care management company. The general feel in this commercial is of security and comfort and the music should help enhance this message. Track should be uplifting and have a current sound.
  11. Ad Agency seeking a sophisticated Jazz/R&B style track for a regional campaign advertising a New England-based financial institution. The setting for this commercial shows a modern, hip 30-something couple entertaining and interacting with friends at a dinner party. Music should have a sophisticated, smooth feel.
  12. Ad Agency seeking an ambient music track for a web campaign promoting a major Vodka brand. Music track should have a funky and cool vibe in order to fit with the company’s brand.
  13. Toronto based ad agency seeking a Hip Hop or Alternative Rock track for a commercial campaign advertising a popular energy/sports drink. The commercial will show scenes of athletes pushing their physical limits. Lyrics should fit with the subject of the commercial (i.e. don’t stop, don’t give up, never quit etc).
  14. UK based Liquor Company seeking electronica tracks for a new web campaign promoting one of its high-end products. Tracks should be medium in tempo and have a positive feel, lyrics ok if they are sparse. Music examples provided DJ Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten etc.
  15. Agency seeking an instrumental Reggae/Pop track for a commercial campaign advertising a luxury beach resort in Florida. Music examples provided “Wild World” by Maxi Priest and “Here I Am” by UB40.
  16. Atlanta based advertising agency seeking an up tempo folk instrumental track for a commercial campaign advertising a chain of family restaurants. The track should be catchy and have a “rootsy” feel.
  17. Advertising agency seeking indie/alternative rock tracks for a TV commercial advertising a well known camera manufacturer. Tempo and Lyrics should be upbeat and are open to either male or female vocals. Music examples provided “The Killers”, “The Strokes”, “Weezer” etc.
  18. Lifestyle-based telecommunications brand focused on developing wireless phones, services and experiences for the youth market is seeking music options for its upcoming commercial campaign.



  1. (Shred/Rockstar) A 4 girl multi-ethnic group in early teens need songs like Pussycat Dolls meet early Mariah – w/teen oriented lyrics.
  2. Street Rap and Hip Hop-Pop crossover (G-Unit) – open to both songs and beats, producer demos welcome, MP3’s and e-mailed links OK.
  3. (Latium/Universal) Solo Latin Rap artist now looking for English lyrics w/Latin sensibility – Rap songs and tracks.
  4. (Water Music) Music wanted for Adult Uptempo Pop-Dance and Romantic ballads.
  5. (Lefthook Ent.) Country-Pop crossover specifically for radio singles – MP3’s or Links OK.
  6. (Sony/BMG) Twin sister R&B duo from Philly looking for romantic R&B.Maleap artist (Latium/Universal)
  7. (Sony/BMG) R&B songstress from Atlanta, GA – Looking for sexy R&b-Pop cross oversongs and tracks..]sibility, R&B songs and tracks.
  8. (Sony/BMG) Male hip-hop/pop artist looking for tracks and beats for his next project.
  9. (TC Music) Needs Female artist who can sing Urban,Pop,R&B,Dance/Club – all ethnicities welcome. Can be non-exclusive arrangement – MP3’s and links OK.
  10. (Kountreeboyz) ‘Good Ol’ Boy’ Country songs like Big & Rich “Save A Horse…” or Trace Adkins “Ladies Love Cowboys”.
  11. (Kountreeboyz) Contemporary Country that tells a story like Keith Urban “Better Life” or Josh Turner “Your Man”.
  12. (Xzault) Looking for music for a Pop-Dance-Urban crossover.
  13. (Symba) New music needed for Acoustic Blues & Rock.
  14. New female Urban-Pop vocalist (Tommy Boy) Pop ballads and power ballads.
  15. New Funk/Rock/Reggae band (Deal Pending) Mainstream pop hit singles.
  16. Female group (Primetime) looking for Alternative Rock or Hard Rock crossover.
  17. New female vocalist (Deja/Warner Bros) Eclectic mix of acoustic R&B Hip-Hop or what she calls raga-soul.
  18. New female vocalist (Beat Factor) R&B – Pop crossover radio singles.
  19. Teen duo (Powerhouse) Female teen pop rock.
  20. New female vocalist (Deal Shopping) Latin Salsa or Merenge songs, all tempos.
  21. New male vocal group (Epic) The group is being reformed through talent search, looking for Latin-R&B-Pop crossover hit singles.36. New female vocalist (Major Deal Pending) Female Quartet looking for Pop-Rock with Melodic Hooks like Pink or Kelly Clarkson, MP3’s Preferred.
  22. New female vocalist (Deal Shopping) Young Tina Turner type Urban Crossover now touring the Midwest,all tempos, MP3’s OK.
  23. Male vocalist (Gresham) Top 10 South African TV ‘Idol’ is looking for Mainstream Pop, all tempos, MP3’s OK.
  24. New male vocalist (Wychwood Park) Soul-Jazz-Blues, Love & Relationship related He is also interestedin co-writing situations.
  25. SONGS AVAILABLE Signed songwriter is currently recording/producing a 12 track Christmas album, of all new and original season songs, for the Christmas 2007 season. Tracks available to suit both male and female performances with a classy rock/pop feel .
  26. New male vocal group (Epic) The group is being reformed through talent search, looking for Latin-R&B-Pop crossover hit singles.36. New female vocalist (Major Deal Pending) Female Quartet looking for Pop-Rock with Melodic Hooks like Pink or Kelly Clarkson, MP3’s Preferred.
  27. New female vocalist (Thump/Universal) Mainsteam Pop-R&B or Pop-Dance radio singles like Mariah Carey or Christina Aguillera, She has amazing vocal range.