Promoting Your Music Worldwide In The Music Industry – Teleseminar Session 1
DATE: APRIL 13, 2015

TIME: 7:00 – 8:30 P.M., EST

Are you ready to promote your music out to the world! Release your songs to radio and for sale with distribution ?  Make a hit song!

Your invited to a new teleseminar on ” Taking Your Music To the Top” and ” Promoting Your Music Worldwide in the Music Industry” with Maureen Smith, International Record Promoter, Music Industry Management Consultant, Publisher, President of White Eagle Promotions, White Eagle Records Ltd.

Music Promotion is a big undertaking for anyone trying to get there music out there in the music industry and on the billboard radio charts. Radio, Distribution,  Licensing, Publishing, Promotion, there’s so much to do and a lot to discuss so have your questions ready!

You will be introduced to the main things you need to do with your music when putting out a commercial release and learn the best places to get your music heard and out there in the music industry and make money.

This will be an interactive discussion where Maureen will discuss in detail artist profiles with people from the teleseminar and help you with what you need to do next with your music  marketing and promotion.  Learn all the things you need to do to to get your music out there and be heard in the industry to the right people and decision makers.    You can also submit a song via email  for a free review!


•  Developing a solid marketing and business plan

•  Music Industry Conferences

• Radio

• Distribution

•  Online Promotion

• Publishing

• Performing

• Experience the benefits of a confidential supportive group, where we will share one anothers challenges and additionally  learn from each others  experiences with ongoing sessions.

•  Call In from the Privacy of Your Own Home, Office or Cell Phone, to your own private group  where you can discuss ongoing challenges with your music promotion and business related matters.

HOST:  MAUREEN SMITH, International Record Promoter, Music industry Management Consultant, Publisher, Producer, Songwriter, Recording Artist, Coach, President of White Eagle Promotions, White Eagle Records Ltd.